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Anonymous asked:

Cheri gives a quick, light kiss to Zac's forehead. "Keep fighting the good fight, Zac." - underdogofthearena (don't worry, she talked to Trundle about this he's not gonna attack Zac for this but HE IS POUTY)

Zac smiles softly and - still hunched forward so she could reach his forehead - pulls her into a quick hug. “Will do. Thanks.”


Anonymous asked:

- Tumblr user I would date

[[Ah! Oh! Hum. Hm]]


[[To be quite honest with you, Anon, I don’t know. I’m already in a relationship, you see, and I can’t really get myself to view anyone else as a possible/etc. partner aside from the one I am with]]

[[I did try though - took me a few minutes of solid thinking before I answered this ask the way I did ^ ^;]]


Anonymous asked:

❧ ✾ - threshanswersquestions

- Other websites I’m on
[[Well uhm…hm. I’m also on gaiaonline (though, rarely. I like making cosplays on there mostly), twitter (barely touch it though), Facebook (also barely touch that, and pretty much never give it out), deviantArt (haven’t touched that in years), and…uh….my apologies, tumblr is pretty much all I actively use at this point ^ ^; ]]

- TV series I love
[[Guess who RPs as a gooey green guy and loves Gravity Falls~! ♫]]





Some people like some stuff some people like other stuff i don’t see the big deal? I mean, they’re fictional characters so does it really matter?

Okay. Okay, see that’s really what’s wrong. I don’t care if they’re fictional characters. Y’see, if you’re roleplaying something, if you’re trying to be that character, I can understand fun things.

I can understand that you have kinks, I have kinks, and the whole world has kinks. That’s perfectly understandable.

However when you disrespect me, my blog, and everything by being a fucking pervert, treating me as if I write nothing but smut or sex or kinks for your pleasure. Then no. That’s not right.

That’s not fair to me, who’s trying to actually write up plots or make friendships or enemies for my character. Yes. This is fictional. But that shouldn’t matter.

Because you’re not even giving me, as the mun respect. You’re just whipping out your dick and trying to get it off as fast as possible. Free porn? Free kinks? Free, abuse my character who’s a woman that you’re treating like a complete douche and makes me question how you treat women as a whole entirely?

Nah man.

I’m not cool with that.



Anonymous asked:

1, 9, and 65. Just 'cause I feel like being nosy. -underdogofthearena

1: Do you have a crush at the moment?

"Not at the moment."
9: What’s the most important part of a relationship?
"Accepting and trusting each other. Both are pretty important."
65: Would you consider yourself a “cuddler”?
Zac chuckles softly, feeling somewhat embarrassed. “I definitely am. I never get to cuddle with anyone though. Maybe I should find one of those “Cuddle Buddy Applications”, hah hah!”

Anonymous asked:

"Gee, this is familiar." Cheri kneels down to scratch and pet the green poro, chuckling softly. "Wonder if it's the same guy who cursed Trundle way back when."



Unknowingly, a soft purr rumbled from Zac happily. He blinked at Cheri as he looked up at her. “I don’t think so. A lot of people were hit by this one…” He then chuckled softly, but also a little awkwardly. “I think it’s another poro epidemic.” he then smiled. “I’m glad to see you haven’t been hit, Cheri. That’s a relief.”

"You’re lucky I’m a part time Poro whisperer." She scratched under his chin before hoisting him up into her arms, where she continued to pet him as she peered around. "We’ll find you some Poro-Snax and a nice bed and you can live in the lap of luxury until this curse is up." She smiled gently, musing on how his fur was so soft in comparison to him usually being made of goo. "To be honest, it’s an epidemic I don’t mind in the least. Poros are cute and I adore taking care of them."

The poro quickly got comfortable in her hold, somewhat sinking into the crook of her arm; the scratchings and pettings felt marvelous. “It’s not too bad…” He sighed, clearly very relaxed with his little eyes shut and antenna folded back. “Makes some people less dangerous, for one thing. That’s good.” He sighed again after he finished; Zac was like putty in her arm.

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